Unjust, Incorrect, Incoherent

I told my boss I hated my coworker. My boss didn't know what to say to that. I propose that in order for hell not to break lose in the workplace, we should adopt my genius of a plan. To change shifts. That way, I would see the person I hate less. Since then, I began to work from 12pm to 8pm rather than 3pm to 11pm. And that made all the difference.


It was my first day coming early out of work. Getting home at 8:30pm. I didn't think much of it. When I arrived at my place I had a big surprise. Lots of people were there.


Come to think of it, my grandma was having a second birthday party because my mom thinks she deserves as many parties as possible. And that's how I met the love of my life. Now, of course, I exaggerate. But allow me to indulge in such a feeling.


When I arrived home, most of the guests were already there. People were chatting and laughing. They were congratulating my grandma for her birthday. Being so shy, I quickly said a general hi to everybody there. And as soon as the opportunity arrived, I retreated to my little cousin's room.


There were a lot of people that day. The friend of my sister who is pretty cool and a smart was there (too bad she is three years older than me). It seemed like she had brought a friend. The friend looked Asian and pretty.


After some time, I decided to be social and went out of my hiding place to talk to people. The Philippine was smiling at me a lot. Or was I imagining that? Either way, I took it as a good sign. There was some guy trying to talk to her. I was just looking at her and I knew I had to introduce myself. I had a sense of deja vu. Like I had already introduced myself.


The guy talking to her seemed to stop talking all of a sudden.


"Hi, my name is Dino. What's your name?" I took those few seconds when the guy stopped talking to introduce myself.


She tells me her name and smiles a little. She seems to be a little weirded out and she is beginning to look for her friend in case she needs back up.


"Where are you from?" I asked


"I am from the Philippines" She says while smiling again.


There is something about her smile that warms my heart. I tell some joke. She laughs a little. People are gathering. It seems like some of my sister's friends prepared a Peruvian dance choreography for my grandma. We all stopped talking and take a sit to watch the performance. I take a seat next to the Philippine beauty. She asks me questions about the dance and what the custom of the performers mean if anything. I had no idea.


At some point, it is time for everybody to dance. I ask the love of my life for a dance. She seems happy while dancing. She had never danced salsa or bachata before. So I teach her. The place is crowded. She gets closer to me. I hold her close. I look into her smiling eyes and I begin to fall.


After dancing with her a lot. After feeling closer to her because of physical contact and because of some physical exercise, I asked her friend whether it is okay for me to ask her Philippines friend out. I ask in case she has a boyfriend. It turns out the Philppine girls does have a boyfriend. I fall out of my cloud.


The world doesn't look colorful anymore. When I turn to see her. Everything seems alright again. She seems so beautiful. I think that life is okay. As long as I can see her. As long as she is around. And life was okay. I don't want the day to end because I want to spend more time with her but I know she has a boyfriend so I know it really doesn't really matter whether the day ends or not. I have mix feelings.


She rearranges her hair several times. I find that to be the sexiest thing. Her long hair doesn't seem like it wants to be tied up for it falls over and over. She has the body of a goddess. And I would be starting to feel shallow if it were not because I could detect good upbringing and natural intelligence in her. The only fault I find in her is that she is religious. That is a pardonable offense though because everybody seems to be in my circle of friends.


The night, however, must end. I must say goodbye to her. I don't want her to leave but I really have no option. I will miss her.


When she says goodbye, I hug her and say good bye. I tell her friend over a message on facebook to tell me when she becomes available so I can ask her out (I suspect she is a double agent). I've been waiting for a while now. It seems like the love of my life isn't going to be free anytime soon. So, can she really be the love of my life?


That day, I fell in love. And immediately, it became unrequited love. How do I fall in love so easily? I don't. But when you find the person whom you could spend all your life with, you know. You just know. But god damn it, she has someone already.


How unjust the world is. How incorrect it is to fall for someone who can't be yours. How incoherent my circumstances are.


I can't do anything else but wait.


Oh well.

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Comments (2)

  1. cjb321

    Open a compartment in your heart to place the love within….hopefully to be brought out in the future!

    November 17, 2016
    1. Dino01

      Aight! Thank you, ma’am.

      November 19, 2016