There were two young fishes swimming. An old fish passes by them and says “heya, boys, how is the water?”


After the old fish leaves, one young fish asks the other “what the hell is water?”


There are times in life when life takes a resemblance to this fish story. We are sometimes so unaware to what is essential in our lives. We are ignorant of it.  My life as a kid certainly serves as example and testament to it.


What kind of kid was I? What kind of kid was the self-proclaimed smartest person in the world? I was happy. Perfectly happy. But if you were to have asked me whether I was happy back then…perhaps I would have shown as much confusion as the young fish in the story.


It doesn’t take much for a kid to be happy. Maybe there is only one essential sentiment every kid needs to be shown. Only one sentiment would have sufficed for any kid in history or geography.  Anyone who was a kid might understand this fact. Or perhaps we never quite realize it how important this sentiment is. Or we take it for granted. I don’t see people talking about it much. Or maybe I wasn’t really ever paying attention. But today I want to change all that.


The truth is that loves pay a big roll on every kid’s life. If they do not receive love, it might well be very much like not eating. Kids will not grow right without much love or food. It weakens you whereas when the opposite occurs positive growth happens.


It is true that I wouldn’t be the same person I am today if I didn’t receive love when growing up. I was lucky that for every time I cried, there was someone to console me. For any dangerous situation, there was someone to protect me. And if I ever got sick, there was someone to take care of me. There was someone whose steps I could follow. And someone who believe in me and my ability to be great.


I wonder sometimes about the subtle differences between the way I see the world and the way others see the world. Some people believe in a God but I don’t. However, if I were to look at it in a slightly different perspective, I would believe in a God or gods. I believe in a creator—well, creators. I was created after all. I was born. My parents gave me the opportunity to exist. So, they are my god. I don’t believe them. I know them. And how can I logically not love the people who gave me existence?


In truth, my parents deserve more from me than anyone I have known. Certainly, more than what I see as incomprehensible being with no confirming evidence of existence. I am not religious. I used to be. Not anymore just because it doesn’t really make sense.


Either way, my parents are my first and greatest love. Sorry girls but that’s the truth.


The love that which kids express is mostly based on trust. It is the trust that one would receive protection and love from their parents. This makes kids be curious and feel safe enough to learn from their environment. That is certainly the reason why I grew to be so curious about the world…because I knew there was someone to protect me in case I ever got into trouble. Therefore, the first and most important step in my journey in understanding the world.


My parents are my gods. They are my first greatest loves. They are the reason of why I was born. And I haven’t really expressed that before. I haven’t recognized how important they were for me. Or how important they are still now.


So, I thank them for all the care and unconditional love. I thank them for introducing me to this world. And when I start a family of my own, and continue not what I consider the circle of life but the helix of life, I only hope I can emulate the environment that which they offered for me.

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Comments (2)

  1. scarletts_letters

    I felt like that about my dad, no one has ever come close.

    January 31, 2017
    1. Dino01

      I have had the strangest sensation that you’ve been waiting for me to write something.

      January 31, 2017