Love Letter

How does it feel to be alone?

Humans were made to love.

And yet loving could be a sin.

or at least loving you seems to be.

because such a love creates despair.

A lonely heart suffers greatly.


Love is the force that which shows us our way

what drives us forward could also be harmful and hold us back

and make us wonder, how can we go on?

Moving on as empty shell, that's how it is without you.


I want to grab the tiniest parts of my desire and not let it go.

It feels like the desire is the only thing keeping me alive.

The fact is that I love you.

And I need you to know that.

Because if he is not treating you right

know that you can come to me

And I'll do my best to keep you well, safe and loved


No one is perfect, dear

And I will have my faults

But I will be committed to you

And do my best each day


I look at you and I see myself reflected in you

I feel like we are just one person

But you are not mine

I hope he makes you more happy than sad


Your own feelings are worth more than my own

You are my goddess

You are the only one that I worship

And that's because I love you

But how can words describe it?


But capitalizing the letters are not enough to tell you how I feel.

Perhaps if I could write those words with the biggest letters that can cover the whole page

...but not even then my true feelings will be expressed.

And if the phrase "I love you" that arises in a feeling could infinitely increase size, each time making

itself bigger forever and ever, even that wouldn't cover my feelings

Because love is life and not only words.


It is a thousand butterflies for each touch of our hands.

A numbing joy for each look. Because the infinite degree of my love comes like spring.

It warms the heart and beautiful feelings emanate from it. Much like nature excels in spring.

Such love is timid passion, hoping to receive devotion back.

And it tries to shows strength if there is no love returned.

It is a tear for every day not spent with you.

And a smile for every time I know you are doing well.

Because loving you fills every corner of my being

Overflowing and reaching something that I can't even call my own.



Since I don't have you.

I will try to find happiness in someone else like I've been doing all this time.

And even though no one comes close to you in my opinion

and even though my love doesn't arise naturally for someone I haven't met so far

I will keep doing my best for your sake and my own.


I don't know how long I will keep on loving you

but know that if you were to come here to me right now

I will be the happiest man alive.

I will welcome you with open arms

and strive to make you feel the luckiest girl in the world



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Comments (2)

  1. shadowstarz

    No doubt, she is much closer to you… than you think. You only have to dive into the depths of your heart as that’s where she lingers, waiting for you. No girl could ever want more, than to be made to feel like the luckiest girl alive because she has the love and loyalty of the man she adores.

    July 30, 2016
    1. Dino01

      Oh, she doesn’t adore me. She barely cares about me. Wish that I was something more to her. I can’t truly love her the way I describe in the love letter. I only wish I could feel that way about her. Self-respect doesn’t allow me to love someone that doesn’t care about me. But I still have those feelings from time to time… I do my best to get distracted from them. Either way, thanks.

      August 01, 2016