"What is love you say?" What he says is formed as a question but somehow it feels like a statement. As if he was preparing himself to lecture her about what she feels. His voice is humorous, relaxing and deep all at the same time. He gets closer to her facing her, he puts one hand on her arm and with the other he plays with her hair. He looks into her eyes intently.


"Love is being human". He gives her a smile, turns around, walks away and then she follows.


With such an introduction out of the way, let's begin this post.


A part of my blog offers a testament. Much like a part of my soul. The testament of me, for the lack of better word, being obsessed with love. Love is my weakness and somehow not my strengh. "What is love?" I would ask myself almost every day at some teenage point in my life. What did I feel for such and such person? Is this feeling enough for me to be connected with someone for the rest of my life? Why did love make me feel such a way?


Ask and you shall receive. I got my answer. Love is instinctual. Love is wordly. Love is human. Love can be spiritual. Love is what we value most in life. Not only of bread lives man but also of love and connection.


I feel like I know a lot about love but yet I feel like I know little. My romantic life a disaster. I fall for people who don't feel the same way for me. I do this even now. And I suppose I learn. Seek and you shall receive. Have I been looking for love? Am I ready for it? The commitment? You shall love your crooked partner with your crooked heart? I feel like asking the wrong questions.


I have lied without knowing. People label their feelings as love when it might be the farthest thing from it. Some seek love that doesn't really exist (the perfect partner). Some seek love that is more physical than anything else (love and lust being confused). Some create love in their imagination. We give love a bad name. So often mislabeled.


It might have been a lied to say then that I loved those whom I thought I loved. Innacurate and a mislabeled of what love can be. The only love deserving that name is love as a process. A process which continously keeps reinforcing itself. Romantic love is between people. An unrequitted love is therefore not love. Doesn't matter how hard you feel it. True love, the feeling which deserves being called love is reprocicated. That's how I wish to see it. Love that is made stronger as two souls get to know each other. As they begin to share their happiness and sorrows. When they begin to see each other's hidden potential even though it is not apparent to anybody else. Love is kind words exchanged. Mean words too but later forgiven. It is sharing a common goal and a common love. It is working together.


The start of a relationship might be like a seed. As time passes by, the love is developed and the seed grows. It is made stronger if the couple works at it or whithers and dies if they are not careful. I haven't really then felt love as many times as I thought in life. Nor do I think most people in the world experience it. The most I might felt is a hope of love, an unrequitted love, a seed.


I feel my understanding of love has increased. An intellectual understanding in any case. I hope to be more acquainted with it in the near future.


Until then or even sooner, so long and thanks for reading.









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Comments (2)

  1. Helikaon

    what if you found that 10 women were all in love with you….at the same time?

    July 31, 2017
    1. Dino01

      I wouldn’t call it love until I pick one of the ten and started a relationship that was made of commitment, passion and respect. The other nine women would not be feeling love but a unrequited love which is different that the love I talk in the post. Now if you mean, what happens if you start a relationship based on commitment, passion and respect with 10 girls? or with two girls for that matter? I think commitment is lost if you have two girlfriends. Some of the passion and respect is lost too, I would imagine if you had two girlfriends. But who knows? I haven’t really experienced something of the sort.

      August 02, 2017