In the Spirit of Halloween

What is halloween? A day in which kids dress up as the people or things they wish to ask for candy. A day where grown ups dress up in order to become more desireable and check out the opposite sex's revealing customes.


But for a 24 year old male somewhere in the world, it is just another day. I don't have to work today. My Monday's are like other people's saturdays. That's what is special for me this day. I haven't got a costume. I was thinking about wearing one but as soon as I thought about it, I lost interest. It is always about what to wear. And I never felt like spending money to buy a costume and there might be a reason for that.


Allow me to indulge. If I were to dress as anything I wanted for Halloween day. I'd probably dress up as Nikolas Tesla. He was crazy, kinda like me. He was a genius, just like me. And he was into energy and I am into that as well. If I were to look like someone else, I would be the person who most resembles myself. It is because I like me. So, Nikolas Tesla.


Giving it a second though, I would also like to dress up as a japanese school boy. Because I am guessing girls would like that and I like girls that like Anime. And I think the girls that will be into that kind of thing will be between the ages of 21-18. Fair enough.


But enough fantasizing. The reality is that I don't like wearing customes. Maybe the reason of my dislike for wearing customes originated since when I was a kid.


It was 1999, it was Halloween and I wanted to wear a custome. Mother said, "you wear this skirt and you would look like a ghost". So, I said yes because that was the only custome I was allowed to wear (since other costumes would be a waste of time and money according to mom) and I really wanted to celebrate halloween. However, while I was out asking for candy I felt like wearing a skirt on my shoulders wasn't right (it was my mom's skirt). It was a rather uncomfortable and embarasing feeling (some people realized what I was wearing that). That feeling stayed with me.


Yes, Halloween is a waste of money and time. And I don't feel like wearing a skirt again so. Halloween became a date of everything except costumes.


But why? If we look a little further into the past. My mother came from a very poor family. Her dad was in his old days an alcoholic. He was rather to mean to his children. He would beat the crap out of them. My mother sometimes had nothing to eat and at some point went to an orphanage that could provide food for her. So, she developed a strategy for life that had for its main point not to spend money on unnecessary things. I followed mothers example. I am so deep in such an ideology of not spending money that I sometimes wonder what money is for. As long as I get internet, I am good and that's about 20 dollars a month.


What's money for? It is like the question, what is god for? But let's leave god for another discussion. I am an agnostic. I feel like agnostics are very insecure people. Yes, moving on.


So, my mom was a very poor person. My dad wasn't rich. But he wasn't poor. Everyone in Peru back then was well poor. But my dad has a weird sense of pride that I have inherited even on such conditions. The pride of just being the best at anything. He wasn't into competition as much as I am but he was more subtle on the ways he expressed his superiority of others. At some point, he became quite a rascal. He will do whatever he liked without much concern of what others thought. It got him into trouble. Either way, his life turn around after he met some pretty american sister missionaries that invited him to church. That's where he met mom. And I am one of the many results of their meddling.


And so here I am. Thinking of old past times and the reason of my queer view of Halloween. Sure, I might not have gotten a costume. I might have not gone to parties where I could find a pretty girl to do naughty things with. Sure I felt a little bad because I staid at home. But I feel good because I understand my dislike of this date and because I wrote about my parents... and that is something I haven't ever really done before. It is interesting to describe those who you love. Don't get me wrong, my parents are cool people and I want to become a better person because of them. I love them because they are like me and because I can learn from their success and their mistakes first hand.


Anyway. The day is over and I should get a girlfriend. I am in not of the habit of talking to pretty girls but I should start at some point. No pain no gain.


Yall have a great wonderful day.

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  1. stevehayes13

    Halloween is an ancient Celtic festival. The Gaelic word is Samhain, which means summer’s end. The ancient Britons called it Calan Gaeaf. The festival marks the separation of the year into two: the ending of the lighter half and the beginning of the darker half. It is therefore thought by some to have been the Celtic new year.

    The ancient Celts believed that at the time of the Calan Gaeaf, the border between this world and the other world became thin or porous, allowing the spirits to cross over. Halloween is therefore a festival of the dead. Family ancestors are honoured and invited home, whilst harmful spirits are warded off, by the wearing of masks and costumes.

    Calan Gaeaf is also the time to slaughter the livestock (which could not be kept alive in significant numbers throughout the winter in any case) and lay up food supplies for the winter months.

    I can only say I wonder what the contemporary celebrations have to do with these religious practices?

    November 01, 2016
    1. Dino01

      Everybody is getting it all wrong these days. Haha I definitely wish I could go back in time to see how people used to celebrate Halloween. The celtic new year sounds interesting but most likely not true.

      November 01, 2016
  2. cjb321

    The word Halloween literally means the evening before All Hallows Day or All Saint’s Day, celebrated on November 1. Halloween is also the shortened name of Allhalloween, All Hallows’ Evening and All Saint’s Eve which is celebrated on October 31.

    November 01, 2016
    1. Dino01


      November 01, 2016
    2. stevehayes13

      That’s a Christian appropriation of a pagan religious festival, much like Christmas itself.

      November 02, 2016
      1. cjb321


        November 02, 2016